Dr. Paul Israel


The vision of the Centre for Research, Documentation And Academic publications (CRDAP) is to build an independent research capacity as part of the general college vision, dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and creating enabling environment for all, through capacity building, research documentation and publication of proceedings. The mission is to create permanent institutional support for academic excellence related to research and generating insights that focus on policy and action.


The CRDAP is the brain child of the former provost, chief, Dr.Eugene Ibli. It saw the light of day on the 23rd July, 2013, in a circular conveyed by the Deputy-Registrar-Senior Establishment for Registrar. Dr. Godwin Ogar was appointed pioneer Director while Dr. Anthony Agbi, Dr. Paul Isreal, Dr. Umoh Mac, Dr. Agu Ohiero and Mr. Boniface Bebia were to serve as Advisory committee/Editorial Board members.


  • to organize research, workshops, seminars, conferences etc and publish its proceedings
  • document all college sponsored conference papers, textbooks, journals, thesis, dissertations etc published by staff and custody periodicals in the centre.
  • be dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge through research that is multidisciplinary, gender sensitive and geared to the building of a productive and enlightened society.
  • engage in consultancy in liaison with consult unit to organize civic and revenue for the college.
  • work towards establishing a printing press by the year 2020


Advisory Committee

1. Dr. Godwin Ogar Editor-in-chief
2. Dr. Anthony Agbi Editor
3. Dr. Paul Israel Editor
4. Dr. Umoh Mac Editor
5. Dr. Agu Ohirero Editor
6. Mr. Boniface Bebia Editor
7. Mr. Monday Ejabe (A clerk)