Establishment Unit - Senior

Establishment Unit, Senior is a sub-unit of the enlarged Establishment Division of the Registry. The Unit is headed by a Deputy Registrar, and is responsible for all Senior Staff (teaching and non – teaching) matters like recruitment and documentation, deployment, confirmation, promotion and discipline. It is responsible for allocation of staff official accommodation and is the custodian of all senior and management staff records including administrative staff files in the college.

The Unit also all handles correspondences (internal and external) as it affects staff members. Furthermore, the unit is a Secretariat of Staff Training and Development Committee.

The Establishment Unit – senior which vision is stated above is composed of sixteen other dedicated and hardworking Junior and Senior Staff.

Over the years, the Unit has achieved her mandate as enunciated in the responsibilities listed above. These achievements notwithstanding, the Unit is hindered by irregular power supply, insufficient and inadequate modern working tools (computers and accessories and furniture and equipments like air conditioners) and lack of access to the college internet facility for prompt information processing.


1. Mrs. Iroegbu, Monica U. Deputy Registrar
2. Mr. Ikwen, Peter Agogo Senior Assistant Registrar
3. Mr. Adie, Gregory Senior Assistant Registrar
4. Mr. Akung, Peter Assistant Registrar
5. Mrs. Ekpenyong, Grace Bassey Assistant Registrar
6. Mr. Abdulrahim, Mohammed Administrative Officer I
7. Mrs. Akwagiobe, Florence A. Administrative Officer I
8. Mr. Abam, Friday B. Administrative Officer II
9. Mr. Agulgul, Joseph G. Administrative Officer II
10. Mr. Onah, Maurice O. Administrative Officer II
11. Mrs. Abua, Ichigbe Chief Secretarial Assistant
12. Mrs. Bishung, Celestine Higher Executive Officer
13. Mrs. Inyaka, Gertrude Senior Clerical Officer
14. Mr. Agianpuye, Clement Clerical Officer I
15. Mrs. Udayi, Luanga Clerical Officer I
16. Miss Adung, Catherine Clerical Officer II

Mrs Monica U. Iroegbu,
Deputy Registrar

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