Establishment Unit - Junior

In line with the Registrar’s vision of decentralization of administrative power, upon her assumption of duties in 2009, she divided erstwhile establishment into two i.e. Senior and Junior Establishment to ensure effective monitoring and supervision of staff.

The Junior Establishments is headed by Mr. M. O. Akpushu, a Deputy Registrar who is responsible to the registrar. He takes full responsibilities of the documentation of all Junior Staff recruited by the college. The unit handles deployment and redeployment of all Junior Staff from CONTEDISS 02 to CONTEDISS 05 and processes leave approvals.

The unit custody confidential and floating files of junior staff and also responsible for processing staff promotion for management’s approval, ensuring discipline of the junior workforce.

In line with the college vision, the unit mounts briefs for College Staff Development Committee – a standing committee in charge of recommending study leave approvals and present Junior Staff with requisite qualification for upgrading/conversion.

Finally, the unit is the first bus stop for all newly recruited junior Staff for collection of appointment letters and documentation.

The unit is trying its best to forge ahead by supporting the Registrar in the day to day administration of the college inspite of the challenge of dwindling financial resources in the country.


1. Akpushu M. Okaba Deputy Registrar
2. Ugbong Edward Undiandeye SAR
3. Offiono O. Offiono SAR
4. Mary Agede Adie AO II
5. Martin B. Ikong HEO
6. Agwu, Monica Ekojonwa Conf. Sec. I
7. MaryRose Udo Sec. Ass. I
8. Emmanuel Ugbe CCO
9. Elizabeth Abua SCO
10. Edward Atemgweye SCO
11. Ikechuhwu R. Nwachukwu/td> CO I
12. Peter Uzizi/td> CO II
13. Blessing Adie CO II

Akpushu M. Okaba,
Deputy Registrar Jnr. Establishment

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