The pension and gratuity unit of the college was established in 1992 following the decentralization of pension matters by the central government it is one of the components units in the Registry Department.

The primary objective of establishing a staff scheme under the management of duly constituted Board of Trustees was to ensure a special processing and payment of statutory approved terminal benefits to eligible officers on retirement and dependents upon death in active service.

With the new Pension Act 2004, that is, the contributory Pension Scheme, the unit has worked tirelessly for the remittance of EPS statement of account from PENCOM to the various PFAS.


1. Nguw, Agim Kyrian
2. Ibrahim S. Tajudeen
3. Ogar, E. Elizabeth
4. Olarew Michael Ishor
5. Ishibi Victoria Ulodo
6. Regina U. Kaase
7. Bishing Akpo Godwino

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