Department of Educational Psychology

Psychology is the study of behavior and mind, embracing all aspects of conscious experience as well as thought.

It is an academic discipline and an applied science which seeks to understand individuals and groups by establishing general principles and researching specific cases. The purpose of psychology is to describe thinking and behavior, look at the relationships between them and try to explain the causes for them. A psychologist’s intention is to understand, predict and or influence behavior.

Teaching Staff

1. Ugbe, Lucy U. Ph. D Chief Lecturer
2. Israel, Paul C. Ph. D Chief Lecturer
3. Igbo, Benjamin A. Chief Lecturer
4. Madu, Virginia N. Ph. D Chief Lecturer
5. Undiandeye, Florence A. Ph. D Chief Lecturer
6. Ebuara, Emmanuel E. Ph. D Chief Lecturer
7. Bisong, Magdaline B.. Principal Lecturer
8. Udoette, Victoria P. Lecturer I
9. Uzor, Margaret O. Lecturer I
10. Agaba, George A Lecturer II
11. Wopara, Godson N.. Lecturer II
12. Idiege, Edward E. Lecturer II
13. Ube, Michael O. Lecturer II
14. Eguel, Ugodie C.s Lecturer II
15. Ebuara, Felicia Lecturer II
16. Oshie, Ctherine K. Lecturer III
17. Ambali, Abdullateef Lecturer III


Non-Teaching Staff

1. Agwu, Gregory S. Principal Statistician.
2. Awusha, Magdaline A. Executive OfficerI
3. Ayade, Mary I. Executive Officer
4. Azu, Emmanuel A. Chief Clerical Officer
4. Azu, Emmanuel A. Chief Clerical Officer
5. Oboyi, Francisca D. Clerical Officer
6. Ishamali, Franca U. Executive Officer
7. Ushie, Lydia E. Senior Clerical Officer
8. Coker, Jessica A Executive Officer


Magdaline, B. Bisong (Mrs.)

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