Department of Physics

The department became operational in the college as far back as 1999 with the aforementioned vision statement. Administratively, the department is run by the Departmental Board, with the Head of Department as the Chairman and other academic staff as members.

The Board reviews the programmes of the Department from time to time and makes appropriate recommendations to the Academic Board of the College for approval via the School of Sciences Board. The Departmental Board also moderates examination results and considers cases of examination malpractices in the department which it forwards to the Examination Malpractices Committee for thorough investigation.

Since the inception of the department seventeen years ago, it has graduated thirteen sets of students and currently has a student-population of seventy students. Also within this period, the department has been headed by four Heads of Department (HODS) in successions, starting with Mr. Anikpa, P. O. (1999 – 2004), Mr. Mee, A. U. (2004 – 2008), Mr. Ushie, M. E. (2008 – 2012) and Mr. Onyedineke, O. Chima (2012 – Date).

Teaching Staff

1. Anikpa, P. O. Principal Lecturer
2. Mee, A. U. Principal Lecturer
3. Ushie, M. E. Principal Lecturer
4. Dr. Asagha, E. N.) Principal Lecturer
5. Onyedineke, O. C. Lecturer I
6. Izato, G. E. Lecturer I
7. Edet, B. B Lecturer I
8. Eroh, A. M. Lecturer III


Non-Teaching Staff

1. Agbor, Leo Agbor Assistant Registrar
2. Anafukang, G. N. Principal Lab. Technologist
3. Akwagiobe, D. B. Lab. Supervisor
4. Ajuwon, Olujoke. Lab. Assistant
5. Noah, M. U Senior Lab. Attendant


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