Department of Integrated Science

The Department of Integrated Science started from the inception of the college in September 1982. It has been operating as a single/double major respectively. It was the minimum standard of 2008 that phased out the double major which resurrected in the 2012 new minimum standard. Since its inception, the department has not meet up in terms of personnel requirements as specified in the NCCE minimum standard.

The standard has been maintained inspite of the above short coming and therefore suggest that more academic and non academic staff be employed to enhance productivity.

Teaching Staff

1. Okon Akpan Mbuk Chief Lecturer
2. Agbi Anthony Idialu Ph. D Chief Lecturer
3. Nkwocha Francis Okechukwu Chief Lecturer
4. Okon – Enoh Ephraim Effiong Chief Lecturer
5. Agba Moses Unimke Chief Lecturer
6. Ador, Sylvanus Ikwen Chief Lecturer
7. Okaba, Lydia Achi Lecturer I
8. Muoneke Mary Nneoria Lecturer I
9. Aer Iopraregh Lecturer I


Non-Teaching Staff

1. Okereke Okoroafor Okoro Chief Lab. Technologist
2. Nurudeen Ayodiji M. Administrator Officer I
3. Ugbe Raymond Higher Lab Technician
4. Undelikwo Gertrude U. Executive Officerr
5. Unim Mary Kate Assistant Officer
6. Ogabor Beatrice Clerical Officer I
7. Akpen Danald Clerical Officer II


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