Department of General Studies (GSE)

Before 1999, what is refers today as Department of General Studies existed as a unit and co-ordinated under Educational foundation with Dr. Ogbonna Freshlife as the Pioneer Coodinator. He held this office till 1999 when the department was formally instituted in 2000 with Dr. Oguegbune – Okwuenu as the Head of Department. The Pioneer Lecturers who formally began the department were Dr. Mark Ogar Omu, Mr. Frank Matiki, Mr. Emmanuel Adie Ishiekwe and Late Mr. Gabriel Ayeni.

Following the reviewed of the educational curriculum, the General Education courses were increase, it became pertinent to increase the member of staffs in the department, and also appoint a core staff to head the department. On this premise Dr. Mark Ogar Omu was appointed head of department from 2002 – 2004. Upon completion of his second term, Mr. Frank Matiki was appointed to head in 2005 and within this his tenure six additional staff were posted to the department, they include Mr. Ukpabi, A., Mr. Anyawho S., Mr. Akpanke, S., Dr. Opie N., and Mr. Ekpungu, A., Mr. Nchu Ben. A year later, two new staff were employed and posted to the Department, which were Mr. Ntamu, N. and Mrs. Abotsi F. currently, with the posting of Mr. Dzum J. S to the department has a total of eleven (11) Academic staff and three (3) non teaching staff.

Midway into Mr. Frank Matiki second tenure which began from 2007 – 2008 he took leave of absence for community service and the department was again handed back to Dr. Mark Omu to head, from 2008 - 2012, upon of the head of department completion of that tenure, Mr. Ishiekwen Emmanuel assumed the office and headed for two tenures from 2012 – 2014 presently Mr. Ukpabi, Augustine Imenene is the head of current department. The Department of General Studies has three (3) organized units; these include

  • The Arts Unit
  • The Sciences Unit
  • The Social Science Unit

Teaching Staff

1. Omu, Mark Ogar
2. Matiki, Francis Monkap
3. Ishiekwen, Emmanuel Adie.
4. Ukpabi Augustine Inemene
5. Anyawho, Sylvanus Awirikure
6. Ekpungu, Anselm
7. Nchu, Benedict Akom
8. Opie, Oko Ngaji.
9. Akpanke, Sylvanus Aniahie
10. Ntamu, Joseph Agabi
11. Dzum, Tyohemba Samuel


Non-Teaching Staff

1. Adie, Joy.
2. Abua, Louisa Akpana
3. Orim, Richard Atsu


Mr. Ukpabi, Augustine I. GSE)

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