Department of Chemistry


The department of Chemistry was created out of the Department Integrated Science in 1999 and was charged with the responsibility of training students for the award of National Certificate in Education (N.C.E) in Chemistry/Integrated Science and Chemistry/Computer Science. The department started with four Academic Staff, and two Non – Academic Staff headed by Mr. Ephraim E. Okon – Enoh, when the student population was eleven. However, the Department have grown to a student population of about 150 students across NCE 1 – 3.

The staff strength has also increased to thirteen, seven academic and six non – academic. In addition, the department now trains students for the award of NCE in Chemistry/Integrated Science, Chemistry/Computer Science, Chemistry/Biology, Chemistry/Physics, Chemistry/Physical and Health Education combinations. Also, it trains degree students of the college in affiliation with University of Calabar for the award of Degrees in Educational Administration/Chemistry, Education Technology/Chemistry, Guidance and Counseling/Chemistry. The department is looking forward to the full accreditation of Chemistry Education degree programme and it is currently headed by Dr. Michael Akomaye Akpe.

Teaching Staff

1. Akpe, Michale Akomaye (B. Sc. PGDE, Ph. D) Lecturer I
2. Mbuk, Rhoda Okon (NCE, B. Sc (Ed), M. Sc. Ph. D (In View)) Principal Lecturer
3. Ushie, Gabriel Upel (NCE, B. Sc. (Ed), M. Ed., Ph. D (In View)) Principal Lecturer
4. Wada, Simon Tyoyemba (B. Sc. PGDE, M. Ed, Ph. D (In View)) Lecturer II
5. Iwu, Marcellus Okechukwa (B. Tech, PGDE, M. Sc. (In View)) Lecturer I
6. Agim, Joseph Ipe (NCE, B. Sc. (Ed), M. Sc. (In View)) Lecturer I
7. Ashishie, Christiana (B. Sc., M. Sc., PDE ) Part-Time Lecturer


Non-Teaching Staff

1. Abru, Joseph Ogbudu (ND, B. Ed) Administrative Officer I
2. Ikwen, Stella Chituru (Biochemistry PGD) Senior Technologist B. Tech
3. Anake, Fidelis Ashindoitiang (HND (Biochemistry PGD)) Technologist I
4. Bepeh, Victoria Unwuabi (Typist Gld. III, II, I, SSCE, ) Chief Secretarial Assistant
5. Egem, Victoria (FSLC, SSCE) Clerical Officer I
6. Uwaoma, Edith (FSLC, SSCE) Clerical Officer I


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