Department of Political Science



To strengthening and unifying the students to build indivisible nation.

For meaningful sustainable and national development.

To become future leadership and good governance.

To become reliance, viable and economy independence through the knowledge they have imbibe and acquired

To become advocate, resources persons, teacher and administrator for self development and nation building.

To become up to date in the area of their studies for better growth rapid development.


Political science is a single major subject which combines with Economics, Mathematics, Social Studies and Christian Religious Studies. The department of Political Science, Federal College of Education Obudu, was established in Novermber 2010. The department took off with its first batch of students’ population of 17 in the 2010/2011 academic season and has progressed steadily to the present strength of about 204.

The department has graduate her pioneer students of a population of 15 who performed creditably well in academics and showed great strides in student union activities and sports which presupposes that the department started well in a good footing.

Members of Staff


1. Odido O. Ogar HOD
2. Odey Peter E. Lecturer
3. Odey Boniface U. Lecturer
4. Adah Polycal A. Lecturer
5. Nkayo Martine O. Lecturer
6. Abeng Edom O. Lecturer
7. Atsu Frederick Lecturer
8. Pius Igbarumum Lecturer
9. Ilufoye T. Kehinde A/O
10. Adie Sylverster U. EXC/O
11. Evelyn Ikpe E. C/O