Department of Physical Health Education



The vision statement of the department dwells totally on commitment to inculcate the principles of creating awareness and modify the behavior of Students and Physical & Health Education professionals with a view to propagate sound procedures, practices and attitudes in the teaching and administration of Physical and Health Education.


The department of Physical and Health Education, Federal College of Education, Obudu, Cross River State was established in 1982 at the inception of the college. Lecturers commenced in the department with the Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) students on January, 10 1982 with few students and staff, with a head of department drafted from the Federal Ministry of Education (FME). Consequently, the administrative policies of the ministry had an effect in the academic and administrative sectors of the department.


Presently, the department is saddled with the primary responsibility of achieving academic excellence. To this end runs the following programmes:

Nigeria Certificate of Education (NCE)

A Bachelor of Science in Education Degree B. Sc (Ed).

Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)

NCE Sandwich


To complement the above academic programmes vis-à-vis the incompatibility of academics and sports, the management of the college handed over to the department. The organization and management of sports in the college. This assignment was handed by the department with dedication and every amount of seriousness. Sports programmes in the college are nurtured and developed to help in the total development of the students, physical, mentally, socially and emotionally before the introduction of a sports unit in the college to augment the efforts of the department.

In order to produce positive results, the two units (Physical & Health Education Department and Sports Units) synergized with each other to produce local national and international sports men and women for the country. In achieving this feat, intramural and extramural sports programmes are put in place to be able to select athletes who would be trained to compete with other athletes from other colleges of education during such competitions as Nigeria Colleges of Education Games (NICEGA), held biennially. At this level winners in the various sports are identified and trained for state, national and international sports competitions.

Members of Staff

Six Heads of Department have managed the affairs of the department, since its inception, made-up of five males and one female, as shown below. Past and Present Heads of Department (HOD) & Tenures:


1 Mr. A. C. B Agukwe 1982 – 19901
2 Mr. S. O. Iroegbu 1991 – 1996
3 Dr. O. C. Ogu 1997 – 2006
4 Dr. (Mrs.) R. C. Nzeagwu 2006 – 2010
5 Mr. E. C. Nwachukwu 2011 – 2015
6 Mr. E. O. Opara 2015 to date


Teaching Staff

1. Mr. S. O. Iroegbu (B. SC., M. Ed) Chief Lecturer
2. Dr. (Mrs.) R. C. Nzeagwu (NCE, B. Sc., M. Ed., Ph. D) Chief Lecturer
3. Mr. E. C. Nwachukwu (NCE, B. Sc., M. Ed) Chief Lecture
4. Mr. E. O. Opara(NCE, B. Sc., M. Ed) Chief Lecturer
5. Mr. M. O. Tawo (NCE, B. Sc., M. Ed) Lecturer I
6. Mr. M. Abu (MNCE, B. Sc., Ed M. Sc. (Ed)) Lecturer I
7. Mr. P. A. Omagu (NCE, B. Sc., Ed M. Sc (Ed)) Lecturer I
8. Mr. P. O. Odey (DPE, B. Sc. (Ed))) Lecturer I
9. Mrs. F. A. William (NCE, B. Ed)) Lecturer II


Non-Teachinh Staff

1. Mr. P. A. Oko Senior Assistant Registrar (SAR)
2. Mr. M. A. Alam Senior Clerical Officer (SCO)
3. Mr. D. Ushie Senior Clerical Officer
4. Mr. A. E. Akung. Senior Clerical Officer (SCO)
5. Mr. O. Adeola. Senior Clerical Officer (SCO)
6. Mrs. M. O. Etta Chief Clerical Officer (SCO)
7. Mr. R. Agwu. Clerical Officer I)
8. Mr. B. Akwagiobe Clerical Officer I