Department of Mathematics



To enhance academic and professional excellence in mathematics education such that learners become intellectually informed with mathematical ideas, notations and skills for logical reasoning, scientific enquiry and for the pursuit of techno-scientific education for sustainable national development. The need to produce non-graduates but well-groomed and qualified professional teaahers of mathematics for the Basic Education levels.


The department of mathematics is one of those departments that took off with the inception of the College in 1982; with two lecturers Mr. Ekwe, C. as the Head of Department and Mr. Oragwam, E. Then later in 1988, Dr. A. Mtsem joined the academic staff of the department. However, the joy of having these lecturers in the department did not last long as the older staff who were ministry staff left when the college was granted autonomy leaving Dr. A. Mtsem (currently the oldest lecturer in the department).

Other academic staff like: Mr. J. A. Andortan, Late S. Marshock, Paul Israel (now in Psychology department) and R. Utubaku were them employed in the early nineties. Also, in 2000, Mr. Ikwong, U. B. and Mrs. Aniah-Betiang, E. I. joined the academic staff of the department.

Staff Development Efforts

The department has achieved a lot in this direction. As can be seen from the disposition, the staff strength of the department has grown both in ranks and qualifications. The department which started with only first degree holders presently has in her roll, two academic doctors, two doctoral students and three master degree students in different Universities in Nigeria. The College Management is highly commanded for the encouragement, cooperation and support the staff have enjoyed.

Furthermore, members of the department under the sponsorship of the College Management attend annual workshops organized by the National Mathematical Centre Abuja regularly to update their knowledge and keep abreast with recent trends in the subject area. A good number of the academic staff are registered members of some professional bodies like the Mathematics Association of Nigeria (MAN) and the Science Teachers Association of Nigeria (STAN).

The Mathematics Curriculum: The department curriculum ranges from courses in:


  • Algebra
  • Number and Numeration
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Calculus
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Geometry



The major achievements of the department over the years include the following:


  • Graduation of students with best results in the school of sciences and college (see previous convocation programmes)
  • Producing a student in the person of Mr. Ebi, Martins who won the first prize in the 2010 (maiden) South – South Zonal Nigeria National Mathematics Competition for Colleges of Education Students organized by the National Mathematical Centre Abuja.
  • The Mathematics Department is the only department in the school of sciences approved for degree awarding in the college in affiliation with the University of Calabar.
  • Publication of many textbooks used to teach the GSE and Pre – NCE courses which are currently being used by other sister College of Education.
  • Regular attendance of annual conferences and workshops at the National Mathematical Centre Abuja by Staff.



Members of Staff

The following persons have served as Heads of the Department since inception:


1 Mr. C. Ekwe 1982 – 1991
2 Dr. A. Mtsem 1992 – 1997
3 Mr. J. A. Andortan 1998 – 2001
4 Dr. A. Mtsem 2002 – 2006
5 Dr. S. U. Emaikwu 2006
6 Dr. R. U. Utubaku 2006 – 2010
7 Mr. U. B. Ikwong 2010 – 2015
8 Mrs. Aniah-Betiang, E. I. 2015 – 2019.
9 Ebenezer, Olurotimi S. 2019 -- Date


Teaching Staff

1. Utubaku, Richard U. (Ph. D) Chief Lecturer
2. Ikwong, Ukpeng B.(Ph. D) Chief Lecturer
3. Aniah-Betiang, Elizabeth I.(Ph. D (In View)) Chief Lecturer
4. Andortan, Joseph A. (M. Ed. (In View)) Lecturer I
5. Ebenezer, Olurotimi S. (M. Sc. (In View)) Lecturer I
6. Kparevdzua, Fanen T. (M. Sc.) Lecturer II
7. Uchegama, Peter A. (B Sc. (Ed)) Lecturer III
8. Agba Mark E. (M. Sc. (Ed)) Part-Time Lecturer
9. Ibrahim, Daniel M. (M. Sc. (Ed)) Chief Lecturer


Non-Teaching Staff

1. Odey, David O. Higher Executive Officer
2. Ateshi, Julius A. Chief Clerical Officer
4. Simeon Elizabeth I. Chief Clerical Officer