Department of French



To promote the learning and teaching of French that would produce graduates that can meet the socio-linguistic challenges of the current innovative, dynamic and ever-changing world.


The French department is domiciled in the school of secondary Education Language Programmes. It was established in 1998 through the efforts of the former Dean of the school, Dr. Tajudeen Opoola. Dr. Opoola had argued through a memo to the Academic Board about the need to establish the department.

The memo was premised on the policy of the Federal Government of Nigeria at the time that French Language was to be adopted as a second Lingua Franca for the Whole Country .It was also considered that the department, if established, will help to deepen the friendship between Nigeria and Cameroun a country that is largely French speaking and shares border with Cross River State.

Mr. Jang was the Pioneer Head of Department and followed by others as recorded above. The current Head of Department is Mrs. U. W. Okon Enoh. Basically, the Department was established to train to students for the Award of the Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) IN French with other subject combinations. The department had graduated students who are now major players in the Education sector contributing to the growth of the national economy. She is currently training graduate of French as the department

Members of Staff


1. Mrs. Akan Priscilla Chief Lecturer
2. Mrs. Okwuenu Anne I. Chief Lecturer
3. Mrs. U. W. Okon-Enoh Principal Lecturer
4. Mr. Aniah J. A Senior Lecturer
5. Dr. Oji E. U. Lecturer Ir
6. Mrs. Andor C. A. Lecturer I
7. Mrs. Ezulike Ukaegbu H. A Lecturer I
8. Mr. Out Joseph Lecturer I
9. Mr. Eshike Emmanuel Admin. Officer II
10. Mrs. Ofre Theresa Higher Executive Officer
11. Mrs. Ayo Grace Chief Clerical Officer
12. Mr. Obiyomi Akintiayo Chief Clerical Officer
13. Mrs. Odim Victoria Chief Clerical Officer