Department of English and Literary Studies

Mr. Ako Peter Atem


To enhance and produce professional teachers of English will assist in eradicating the use of substandard English within and outside the College and also rebrand the country's reading culture


The Department of English and Literary Studies is one of the four departments that took off at the inception of the college. The department offers courses in both English language and Literature to both NCE Regular and Sandwich students and also Pre-NCE students.

With the establishment of the Degree Unit in affiliation with the University of Calabar, the department also offer courses in English language and Literature to Degree Students. The department has graduated students who are worthy in character and learning and are performing creditably well in their various places of work.

The courses offered in the department are geared towards;

  1. A. The ability to communicate faultlessly and fluently in English
  2. B. The ability to comprehend spoken English
  3. C. The ability to decipher what others writes in English
  4. D. The ability to appreciate Literary work
  5. E. The ability to infer what people says or write
  6. F. The ability to communicate effectively in writing for others to comprehend.

Staff Developments Effort

In order to maintain high standards in the teaching and learning of English and Literature in English, all academic staff have embarked on further studies at the Masters and Doctorate level which has produced positive results. Apart from furthering their education, they have also participated in national and international conferences, seminars and workshop, which has impacted positively in their methods of teaching and skill development. Some lecturers in the department are enjoying TETFUND sponsorship in various higher institutions in the country and abroad.

One of the greatest pride in the department is the allocation of a permanent building in the college now used as department of English which does not only provide accommodation for both teaching and non-teaching staff but also provides a spacious comfortable well literature hall that makes teaching and learning very effective and successful.

The department also enjoy the services of a well equipped digital language laboratory used in teaching English related courses such as speech work (phonology and phonetics).

The department is grateful to college management for the laudable contributions made to the department which has helped to boost the morale of both staff and students.

Long live Federal College of Education, Obudu
Long live College Management
Long live Department of English

Mr. Ako, Peter Atem

Members of Staff

The worthy efforts of Rev. Fashonu, the first head of department culminated later into having the following as heads in the department;


1 Late Chief (Dr.) Eugene, Ushingianye Ibli 1993 - 1998
2 Late Mr. Gabriel Ugbe 1998 - 2002
3 Dr. Godwin Ogar 2002 - 2005
4 Dr. Agu Patrick Ohiero 2005 - 2011
5 Mr. Tondo Samuel A 2011 - 2012
6 Mr. Ako, Peter Atem 2012 - 2016


Teaching Staff

1. Dr. Godwin Ogar Chief Lecturer
2. Mr. Ako Peter Atem Chief Lecturer
3. Mr. Tondo Samuel A. Chief Lecturer
4. Mr. Ayeri Ofre Orim Chief Lecturer
5. Dr. Hisham Aliyu Mohammed Principal Lecturer
6. Mr. Ekunke Emmanuel E. Lecturer I
7. Dr. Diwa, Raphael O. Lecturer I
8. Mrs. Vin-Ushie Scholastica Lecturer I
9. Mrs. Udie Francis U. Lecturer I
10. Mr. Akongwale Napoleon Lecturer II
11. Mr. Eyam, Emmanuel N. Lecturer II
12. Mr. Udie, Paul Ugeh Lecturer II
13. Mr. Odzang Emmanuel Lecturer II
14. Mr. Anake Charles Contract Staff
15. Rev. Sister (Dr) Atsu Maria, Eunice Lecturer I


Non-Teaching Staff

1. Haruna Abdulfatai P.E.O.
2. Mrs. Shiyam Christiana Afebanye A.O. II
3. Ayeni Fidelis Chief Clerical Officer
4. Ukwondi Clement Chief Officer