Department of Computer Science



To enhance academic and professional excellence in Computer Education for sustainable national development.


Computer Science Department is one of the renowned departments established in January 1999. The department commenced full academic activities in 1999/2000 academic year. The initial staff strength was six (three academic and three non – academic staff) with the pioneer students’ population of forty-eight. The department had a very small office block of three rooms (one for each academic staff), a reception room for the messenger/cleaner and two laboratories each with the capacity to accommodate twenty computers and accessories.

As at 2008/2009 session, the staff strength of the department increased to fifteen (15). (Nine academic and six non academic staff) today, Computer Science Department has experienced rapid expansion in structures but sharp decrease in staff strength. Thus, it is now housed in a one storey building comprising of four computer laboratories each with the capacity to accommodate twenty-four computers and accessories and eight staff offices. The students’ population in recent years has been between three hundred and fifty and four hundred and fifty, while the staff strength is grossly inadequate (five academic staff, one of which is on study leave to UK and six non academic staff).

Capacity Building

Vigorous capacity building efforts are ongoing in computer science department. Almost all the academic staff are undergoing higher degree training, one overseas and other in Nigerian Universities. The non – academic staff are equally doing so.


Computer Science Department is known for excellence and discipline. The department produced the best all – round student for 2012/2013 who is the students’ care – taker committee president. Presently, the department produced SUG present and Secretary General for National Association of Science Students (NASS) for 2016/2017 academic year. The staff are diligent, discipline and hardworking

Members of Staff

Teaching Staff

Lecturer II
ICT Director

Non-Teaching Staff

Chief Technologist
Information System Expert

Members of Staff

Teaching Staff

1. Angib, Maurice Udie, (NCE, (1995) B.SC (Ed) (1999) & M. Ed (2009)PhD in view) Principal Lecturer
2. Eneji, Samuel Eneji(B. Sc. (2004), PGDE (2010), M. Sc. (2015) & Ph.D) Principal Lecturer
3. Ibe Walter Eyongjp(B. Sc. (2004), PGDE (2009), M. Sc. (2014), PhD in view)) Senior Lecture
4. Omonu, Peter Okoh(B. Sc. (2005) PGDE (2009)) Lecturer II
5. Ekwegh, Kelechukwu Chimdike(B.Tech.(2012), M.Sc 2016, PGDE 2018

Lecturer II

6 Onyenweuwa, Basil Onyeogaziri (B.Sc. 2012), PDE 2018 Lecturer III


Non-Teaching Staff

1. Ochiche, Samuel Assistant Registrar)
2. Ajie, Gospel Assistant Executive Officer
3. Ugbong Sylvester I. Assistant Laboratory Technologist
4. Itashi, Emmanuel A. Senior Clerical Officer
5. Uzinyia Felicia A. Clerical Officer I /O Computer Operator
6. Martina Adigeb Clerical Officer I