Office of the Provost

The office of the Deputy Registrar in the Provostry is just a recent creation intent on overseeing all administrative functions and to provide appropriate administrative headways to the office of the Provost. As it obtain in other Colleges of Education, it is saddled with the responsibility of attending to all correspondences and mounting of briefs where necessary to reduce the pressure that is attendant with the office of the Provost.

The NCE Programme stretches its academic disciplines and research across seven (7) schools and twenty-nine (29) academic departments. The college runs both regular and sandwich NCE programme for students in various disciplines.


1. Mr. Ogar Boniface Ushie, Deputy Registrar
2. Mr. Monday Egbamuno Chief Confidential Secretary
3. Mrs. Francisca Goddy Agba Chief Executive Officer
4. Stella Amokeye Ogar Senior Assistant Registrar
5. Ageh, Kevin Joe Higher Executive Officer
6. Angelica Abuo Chief Clerical Officer
7. Esther Enya E. Chief Clerical Officer
8. Adie Augustine Ugiobe Secretarial Assistant I
9. Glory B. Udie Clerical Officer II
10. Elizabeth Akamabe Assistant Craftsman
11. Veronica Bebuhe (Liko) Assistant Craftsman
12. Agogo, Justine U. Assistant Craftsman

Dr. James Bassey Ejue

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